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Why now is the right time to design your creative life or business

Creative woman designing her life

Three years ago I made the decision to step away from the 9–5 and embrace a life that focused on what brings me joy and improves my well-being. After a long career in healthcare as a clinician and an innovator, it was time to set up as a coach to support others wanting to make a similar leap and design a creative life or business that matters to them. I also wanted the flexibility to work when and where I wanted, make time to travel overseas, have surf trips in my campervan and start writing. As someone with several chronic health conditions, the flexibility of a creative portfolio business has helped me manage the ebb and flow of wellness.

Who knew that a year after I made this change, we were all going to experience a drastic life change enforced on us by the pandemic? Apart from the severe health issues caused by Covid19, there was a global recognition that the current way we work was no longer serving us. Industries had to change and working from home became the ‘new normal for many of us. Industries that could not change for a range of reasons suffered the consequences. What this showed was that for many individuals they could have a more flexible life by working from home or utilising a hybrid model, start-up businesses, or build a creative portfolio career.

Since 2021 individuals have started to vote with their feet and through the great resignation or the great reset, it's happening! Individuals are fed up with the way they have been working whether that’s the industry — healthcare and customer-facing roles have been particularly hit or whether time during lockdowns has made them recognise that want to try a different work/life balance, it all adds up to a big shift.

When planning my life change I started prototyping what I wanted to do as a side hustle coaching alongside my main job and talking to others who were trying out other ideas. As someone who has innovated for a living in healthcare, this came quite naturally, it also gave me confidence in my abilities to work as a solopreneur and coach.

I found the first book from Bill Burnett and Dave Evans ‘Designing Your Life (DYL) super helpful in my journey and trained as one of the first UK accredited coaches in 2021 so I could support others in their life design journey. Bill and Dave have now written a new post-pandemic book full of useful information and a handy series of videos about designing your post covid life. It really is the right time to design your life and explore a range of possible opportunities that help you connect with what matters.

The free video series really makes you start thinking differently and if you are interested in finding out more about designing your life or working with an accredited DYL coach you can book a free discovery call via my online booking page.

From October 2022 I will be launching two new signature pivot coaching pathways -

There will also be a new membership for #CreativePioneers which will aim to support you in a community make changes for health and wellbeing.


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