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121 Coaching and Mentoring

Design Your Creative Business Program - AG 2023


Why did you invest in working with me?

I invested as I had found myself stuck in my career and feeling dissatisfied and out of alignment with my values and unable to see a clear path forward with how to move myself out of the situation.


What have you discovered and how have you changed?

Confidence. I found confidence in my abilities and a reframing of my circumstances which helped me to start to take action and move forward. I found clarity and a way to achieve my goals and a new belief that I could make this happen.


How would you describe my approach?

My biggest support and cheerleader! Kind, considerate, and I felt heard. Carol was my objective sounding board to help me to prototype my ideas and keep moving forward. She was the colleague that I wished I had. Carol was flexible in approach and provided a safe space for me to truly explore where I wanted my life to be and how to make this possible and to be able to confide in.


What would you say when recommending me and my coaching practice?

The best money you will ever spend. The value and support that Carol delivered was invaluable and my life completely changed over the course of our sessions. My future looks much different and far brighter than I could have ever thought when starting out on this adventure. 

Design Your Creative Life

I was fortunate to be coached by Carol when I was about to make a tremendous career transition. She is an empathetic and enthusiastic mentor who explored the priorities in my life in all aspects and inspired me to pivot my career focusing on these. She shared her expertise in different areas including management and entrepreneurship and advised on resources that were very helpful for my career plans. I would highly recommend mentorship or career coaching sessions with Carol if you are considering a career change however big or small that might be.

AH  2021

It has been a pleasure to discuss my career strategy with Carol and have her as my coach and mentor. I came across Carol’s expertise in executive coaching and mentoring through LinkedIn a year ago when I was looking for support within digital health.  After our initial conversation, I knew she was perfect to help me develop realistic goals and plans focused on my overall well-being. Carol supported me in understanding my work-life preferences, my skills, career journey and most importantly, connected me with my dreams and passion. Carol has demonstrated an ability to make me feel empowered to build the career that maximizes my wellbeing and professional ambitions and opportunities. As a mentee, Carol earns my highest recommendation. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach and mentor.

MH 2020

Life Design Community UK 2021

Loved prototyping new ideas

Weekly group coaching sessions and community resources helped me to make big steps forward

All are making progress and prototyping their innovative career journeys.

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