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Writing Portfolio

I have recently completed an MA in Creative Writing with the Open University and written the first draft of my debut novel Orcaville. This builds on my previous BA Creative Writing and sending my short stories out into the world.  

My favourite genre is Speculative Fiction, a mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy as I love asking the question - What if?   From a child I was fascinated by space travel, tech and what could be possible in the future, alongside a love of magical kingdoms and nature. 


That's why my novel Orcaville is based in the Speculative Fiction genre and covers three timelines starting with a female protagonist Alice who see's a whale on the back of a lorry in the 1970's.


Fiction Competitions

Longlisted for the Retreat West 2023 Pitch to Win Competition - Orcaville.

Additional writing, editing and research
Digital Platforms


The Edge - Editor/Writer - 50,000 international readership.

Source4Networks - Editor/Writer - 20,000 international readership.

Health Publications/Research/MedX Talk


Nurse leadership post-COVID pandemic - 2023 - Sage Open Nursing Journal.

International Clinical Guidelines - 2022 - BMJ.

Patients’ information needs in intensive care and surgical wards - 2021 - Nursing Standard.



Early Discharge Scheme for Patients - 2021 - Nursing Standard.

Stanford University MedX Talk -  2018 - Bridging the gap, Innovating at the edge


Notebook and Pen
Presenting at Stanford University
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