Pivot Coaching Program

Pivot Coaching Program
Pivot Coaching Program

Pivot Coaching Program

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I developed the Pivot Coaching Program to support innovative women make career and life changes. As one of the first UK Designing Your Life (DYL) accredited coaches I will guide you through the tools for transformational change

and share insights from my knowledge, research and experience.

My coaching program works by providing a safe space and gives you a permission slip to be brave and test out new ideas.  By the end of the program you will have career clarity and a proven toolkit for life design based on the New York Times bestselling book and Stanford University methodology.

The Pivot program is for innovative women looking to;

  • Reimagine their careers

  • Start a creative and flexible portfolio business

  • Seek accountability when writing their first book, story or article.


The program is designed to fit your unique requirements through six 121 coaching sessions and targeted informal support.  We will work together to identify your strengths, passions and write your new career story. 

Book a free discovery call to find out how this program could support you design the next successful chapter of your life.