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Innovation Insights - Resources for Healthcare

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Healthcare Insight

Welcome to the latest Innovation Insights for June 2023.

Every quarter, I aim to compile a collection of valuable resources for innovators and digital/network leaders in the healthcare industry. This curated list will encompass platforms, courses, articles, videos, and podcasts, providing a wealth of knowledge to inspire and empower you on your career journey.


Curated Platforms:

  1. Source4Networks: Discover the free platform dedicated to curating and sharing the most comprehensive knowledge on network leadership in the health, social care, and charity sectors.

  2. NHS Horizons: Stay up to date with the latest change thinking and practices in healthcare and other industries worldwide. Learn how to translate this knowledge into innovative and practical approaches to drive change.


  • Leading Networks in Health and Care E-Learning Programme: Unlock the secrets to leading effective networks with this comprehensive e-learning program. Explore topics like what makes networks work, engaging members, adding value, and sustaining your network.

  • The School for Change Agents: Adapted to reflect the realities of healthcare in a pandemic, this school demonstrates how crises can often be catalysts for change. Discover transformative strategies for driving positive change in healthcare.

Community and Skills Exchange Bank:

  • The Q Community: Join an initiative that connects individuals with improvement expertise across the UK and Ireland. With over 4000 members and a growing community, the Q network offers endless opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • Hexitime: Exchange skills and ideas for health and care improvement through this platform. Connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to the advancement of healthcare.

Stay connected via #InnovationInsights quarterly as I build a comprehensive resource repository for healthcare innovators and digital/network leaders. Empower yourself with insights, skills, and connections to drive positive change in the healthcare industry. There will be editions - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Action - If you have healthcare innovation or network leadership resources to share contact me via the website

Note: For further details, including courses, articles, videos, and podcasts, please visit the provided links. #Innovationinsights, #innovation, #networkleadership, #healthcareimprovement,

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