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Empowering Women in healthcare: Designing Your Creative Career Path

Woman planning her career
Design Your creative life & biz

In 2018 I was in San Francisco presenting my #Innovation research at the ground-breaking Stanford MedX Conference, sharing the experience with speakers from healthcare all over the world, patients, designers from Disney, Apple, and many more industries. What brought us all together was sharing our stories for the greater good to improve patient care globally.

It was a pivotal moment for me personally as it made me realize that I could make my own way as a solopreneur and work with innovative women in healthcare to help them design their own unique career stories.

The pandemic has made women think differently about their work/life and consider how they can achieve more flexibility, creativity, and

balance. My six-month signature 121 coaching program helps women pivot their career and explore what's next for them. The program is based on my research and the well-respected designing your life methodology

It has been rewarding to receive feedback from women who have been through the program and you can check out a few of the recommendations on my website There are also recommendations on LinkedIn from people that have worked with me on a range of exciting innovation projects.

If this resonates with you why not book a free discovery call via to find out more.


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