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Red Women @ Sea event: A day of inspiration, career networking & reflection

On October 29th, I had the pleasure of attending the Red Magazine Women @ Sea event, which took place aboard the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship at Southampton City Port. This exciting gathering provided a unique opportunity for networking and inspiration. If you want to learn more about the event, check out my LinkedIn post

Speakers: The event featured several distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights. They included:

Reflections and Personal Journey:

Attending this event gave me a chance to reflect on my journey thus far. From my previous 9-to-5 job in the NHS to my current portfolio career, where flexibility and exploration are key, I have come a long way. Last Friday's experience was particularly joyful, as it allowed me to break away from the ordinary and connect with amazing women who are achieving incredible things in their lives. Additionally, I had the pleasure of sampling Michelin-star cuisine during the event. All of this became possible when I took the leap of faith nearly three years ago to design a life that aligns with my strengths and passions.

Take Action: If my story resonates with you and you're interested in exploring a portfolio career or entrepreneurship, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions. Feel free to reach out to me through my website or by contacting

By attending the Red Women @ Sea event, I gained valuable insights, expanded my network, and found renewed inspiration for my own journey. I encourage anyone seeking personal and professional growth to explore similar opportunities and take bold steps toward designing a fulfilling life.

Red women at sea event
Red women at sea event

Cruise ship
Cruise ship


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