• Carol Read

Just start

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Its easy to slip into the old cliches - I haven't got time, I'm not fit, I don't know where to start. My advice would be - start somewhere! Try out a few classes, book in for an outdoor activity that you have never tried and see what happens.

When I left my full time job in the NHS I wanted to get fit. Working in a desk job for many years even though I had done exercise classes throughout that time I was still not fit. I booked into a local gym and soon found myself making excuses - although they were pretty valid excuses. The car park was packed, the facilities were not that clean, it was over the other side of town which made it difficult to get to in the traffic. I also tried hot yoga in a different venue which I loved, but being in the centre of town you had all the hassle and cost of parking, which was quite difficult when they closed the nearest car park due to novichock poisoning in the city. After feeling more harrased just getting to it I realised this was not for me.

So what did I do and what are my top tips?

I asked around and several people I knew had been going to crossfit. The good thing about it was that they were enthusiastic, kept going and had seen results. To be honest I was well aware that my fitness levels were poor and looking at crossfit it did seem a tad hard core!

I started in March and am still going twice a week six months on. What has kept me there is a mix of reasons.

A great, friendly crossfit community

The Crossfit box (gym) is under 10 minutes away with lots of parking - always.

I feel that it has been a hard, but good workout when I finish. Hint if you are not super hot and glowing when you finish, you are not working hard enough.