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Digital shadowing offer

Supporting the Shuri Network campaign as an ally and career coach. It's been a rewarding and great experience to support individuals in this way.

Here's a video about the fab work of the Hexitime platform where you can find my digital shadowing offer for Shuri network members.

Here's what the Shuri network is saying about the offer and career development in digital healthcare.

Our recent survey identified that our members are keen to demystify careers in digital health, gain insight into roles and responsibilities within digital health leadership and explore new horizons and career options.”

Tracey Thomas, Digital Shadowing Programme Lead

Digital shadowing is: • A virtual partnership between two people ‘the ally/host’ and a Shuri network ‘member/guest’ • Based upon mutual trust and respect • Promotes peer to peer learning • Light touch, participant-driven • Self-managed via the Hexitime platform

To be eligible to take up a shadowing offer, you must: • be (or identify as) a female and be from a BAME background • be a UK resident • be a member of the Shuri Network

HOW TO TAKE UP AN OFFER: As a network member and a BAME woman: Register your profile within the Hexitime campaign site to connect with me and take up the virtual shadowing offer.

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