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Designing your new work life

The new book from Stanford University duo Dave Evans and Bill Burnett launches today, this builds on the previous New York Times bestselling book and looks at how to design your new work life in pandemic times. A short extract of the book is featured in Fast Company covering how we communicate effectively now and in the future.

We often hear the phrase - death by powerpoint and no doubt many of you have sat through a presentation like this. Bill Burnett one of the co-authors of the book takes his students through a way of making presentations that resonate by using storytelling. As a writer, the 7 plots idea in the article makes sense and it is definitely a way to prototype a new way of doing your next presentation.

If this has sparked your interest in using #DesignThinking to impact your life and you would like to be supported through 121 coaching or by joining the first Life Design Community in the UK contact me via dm or


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